This was an open brief by Oglivy and Mathers, UK.

Brief  Toblerone has many fans around the world.  They don’t just like the taste, they enjoy the whole process of tackling it: getting into the box; peeling back the foil; breaking off the triangular chunks, and then, finally, savouring it in the mouth. Quite a few people have posted films online to celebrate their love of Toblerone.  We want to bring these together and encourage more people to make more films.  To start the whole process off we are asking people like you to create your own film celebrating the joys of tackling a Toblerone.

Response  Focusing on the idea of a Toblerone fan’s obsessive relationship with the chocolate, I decided to play up the whole ritual and process that one goes in order to finally savour and enjoy Toblerone. A playful dramatisation of the almost scientific-like precision and nitty gritty details that one has to go through in order to enjoy the ‘perfect’ Toblerone.

1 comment
  1. Vicki said:

    You have artistically dissected Toblerone fans’ obsessive taste of the chocolate!

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