Introducing the main logo for Plan A
 Family of logos, each representing the 5 pillars of Plan A. Plan A products can then be clearly labelled and identifiable so M&S customers can make informed choices while shopping.


Walking advertisements in the form of eco-friendly carrier bags


This was a brief set by Marks and Spencer, for the Young Creative Network Awards 2011.

Brief We launched Plan A in January 2007 – committing to change 100 things over 5 years, based on our five Plan A pillars: Climate Change, Waste, Natural resources, Fair partner and Health and Wellbeing. Create a visual identity (icon, logo or family of identity elements) that can work and come to life in all of our consumer communication channels.

Response Although there are signs and labels advertising Plan A within M&S shops or on M&S products, customers do not have an easily recognisable logo to identify Plan A products and services with.  I created a simple, distinct family of logos based on the playful typographic intepretation of the form of the lowercase ‘a’.


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