Series of 8 postcards

Kueh Shapes

Kueh Chart

2-Layer Oblong Kuehs

Multi-Layer Oblong Kuehs

Crispy-top Oblong Kuehs

Sticky Rice Oblong Kuehs

Round Kuehs

Pyramid Kuehs

About this This series of postcards feature illustrations of Nonya kuehs, stripped down to their bare essence of colours, shapes and lines. I was inspired by the vibrant trays of these traditional local delights to create a light-hearted guide which might help a newcomer navigate the confusing variety of kuehs that our culture boasts, or just bring a smile to a foodie’s face. This was sold in a pop-up shop for the Pop-up SIngapore House (PUSH) in London, alongside works by Singaporean designers, writers, and collectives such as FARM.

About PUSH The Pop-Up Singapore House pop-up arts venue organised by Creative [SIN]ergy and RSP Planet Design Studios, in collaboration with FARM and Platform 65, showcasing Singaporean talents in the UK from the visual, theatrical, literary and culinary arts sectors. This event spanned for a period of 3 months in the summer of 2012.


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