This is for the CSM Pop-Up Shop, a 5-day-long one-off event selling pieces of design by my batchmates. The whole process and journey behind my design is recorded in detail here if you want to get behind the scenes and into the crazy/convoluted/confused mind of a design student.

This project stems from my interest in food and all the time I spend in the kitchen.The kitchen is Granny’s territory, where she rules with knowledge and experience. I want to share these traditional knowledge and lessons, passed down from generation to generation. These kitchen wisdoms are tips that come from years of experience or from the wise words of our mothers’ mothers, rather than an all-important chef or expert.

I use post-it notes a lot in the kitchen, to scribble down recipes, expiry dates or to-buy lists. Having Granny’s widoms stuck about the kitchen is like having granny herself prodding you to save your vegetable boiling water for soups and gravies. These handy reminders also double up as post-it notes for you to scribble your own reminders.

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