Booklet unfolding into poster

Covers- 3 in the series, each featuring 3 punctuations




Question mark

Exclamation mark



Quotation marks


Brief Design and produce a special edition magazine supplement for the Guardian newspaper. The subject is the English punctuation, content is based on the book “Eats shoots and leaves: The zero tolerance approach to punctation”, by Lynne Truss. Consider the style, typography, layout, and tone of voice.

Response Lynne Truss comes across as a bold and funny author, not in a silly comic way, but rather, in a witty and clever manner. I wanted to carry this tone of voice onto the supplement. Using the more interesting and provocative quotes from her book, I featured each punctuation as a unique personality in itself. Also important to me was the relationship between the reader and the physical form of a book; the supplement is pocket-sized so it can be easily brought around, but folds out into a large poster which the reader can then choose to put up, or to interact with it the same way the model does in each feature photo.

My concept was to create something that not only displays the required information, but also engages the audience; I want to convince them to collect this series of supplements, not just toss them as we often do with the “extras” that come with the newspapers.

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  1. Great work! I’m taking a typography class too and I am so lost for how to make a booklet that can somehow unfold into a poster.

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