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Brief What happens during the translation of content between media?

Response Conversation goes beyond what is said by the mouth; in fact what is actually said is only a small part of the content. Language involves so much more than words; the nuances of our body convey thoughts and emotions beyond words you find in the dictionary. In the process of translation, we lose these nuances. A conversation in its written or recorded form loses the extra meaning you get from the physicality of the moment.

I came up with a supplement to the English language, a collection of 30 gestures commonly used in conversation to give or add meaning to what is spoken.

Just to prove my point To show how much is expressed using body language in everyday coversation, I recorded two people talking. The conversation is not scripted. I made my class watch it twice, once without visuals, the other without audio. This juxaposition of the different messages one gets from the same conversation presented in different ways, shows how important body language is in relation to the spoken or written language.

Application Transcript of video recording, taking into account both verbal and body language. (Click to see a larger version. It’s pretty hilarious.)

Soon to be screen-printed onto a massive board or something.
If you like/ am too free, you can see the process and sketchbook work behind this project in Stalking, Talking, and Making Faces i.e. How I get ideas.

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