Who What When- A Cook's Calendar

Spinning window showing the 'slice' of seasonal information relevant to that month

"WHO to satisfy" Filters: Carnivorous boyfriend, Carbophobic sister, Vegan aunt, My sweet tooth

Brief To design calendar that caters for the user. Consider who your calendar is for, the functionality of your calendar specific to its purpose and your user’s needs, the system of organising days/weeks/months, the physical structure of your calendar etc.

Response I love cooking.  As a home cook, I’m most happy preparing good food, with great ingredients, for people that I love. The questions I often find myself asking: Who am I trying to please? When is this ingredient at its best? And hence, What should I cook tonight?

I eat seasonally because the food is fresher, tastier and healthier, but many people don’t. Because we live in a city that’s saturated with supermarkets, we are spoilt for choice with produce flown in from all over the world. It’s not just an issue of choice; very often, people don’t actually know what produce is at its best now.

This seasonal food calendar remains relevant every year. The turning window offers an isolated view of what’s in season so users can receive and assimilate information in smaller, more manageable ‘slices’. This concept of isolation is further developed with the addition of filters, which is especially helpful for cooks planning a menu for picky eaters or friends/family on a restricted diet. Besides being functional, filters add an element of fun and personality, with a light-hearted take on the realities a cook commonly faces.


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