Stalking, Talking, and Making Faces

i.e. How I get ideas.

Just finished my mid-term portfolio presentation. It went pretty good I think.

Marc and Kira asked me about the way I work, and I didn’t really realise until I answered then, that I really have no clue or set formula to the way I work.

The last brief I did, I’m really happy with what I got at the end of it. But damn it was a tough 2 weeks. I get ideas from bits and pieces, here and there, and they come and go, so it’s always a “please will someone just help sort my brain out for me” moment at the start of a project. But when it all starts to come full circle, when ideas start linking up, when even the most irrelevant crazy things I did start marking sense, that’s when things get rolling. I wish I were one of those mad men geniuses out there who just get ideas falling accidentally into their brain at the right time (i.e. when it’s demanded not one week into a two-week brief). But that’s just how my brain works.

Thought I’ll share a few of the slides for that project; see how I go from a confused mess to A supplement to the English language. Click to see it larger and if you actually (wow) want to read the painstakingly written description (chuffed).Shu Han_Lee_LEE092782106Shu Han_Lee_LEE092782107Shu Han_Lee_LEE092782108Shu Han_Lee_LEE092782109

Shu Han_Lee_LEE0927821010

And for the end results, see here.

About to start on a new project now. Please will someone just help sort my brain out for me.


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