Guerilla Design- Banana Trees in London

Intervention 1: Banana tree in London?


Have been neglecting blogging for the longest time. So caught in a whole wave of projects, both in and outside of school. I can’t remember who came up with this, but I’m pretty sure by some unfathomable law of physics, everything that can happen happens at once.  This christmas was a fabulous one, but I’ve been busying myself with quite a few briefs even though it’s meant to be break.

Obviously nothing to show yet, for now, though there is one rather exciting and different project that’s ongoing but which I can still share. Go take a look at

Guerilla design, 14 little interventions that are cute/witty/provocative that hopefully raises questions and awareness about a recent issue brought up in the news. Because I tend to gravitate towards news about food and farmers’ markets, I chose a guardian article talking about the industrialised food system + sad situation of people not eating local and seasonal.

This guerilla spirit has been spreading like wildfire lately. It’s not just the usual flash mobs and stuff, there’s been lots of quieter things going around, like the “ghost bikes” all around london to commemorate cycling deaths, like all those pop-up restaurants that’s been so hugely popular these days.

Me, I’ve been having quite a bit of fun (and mischief), but am already running out of ideas. Can’t decide if I’m loving the change from the layouts and grids I’ve been doing the past term.


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