It’s all in the wrapper

I’m not like most girls my age, or maybe even most girls fullstop. I don’t like shopping. I don’t get turned on by the idea of going to Orchard Road to queue up for the grand opening of H&M in Singapore, or going to Oxford for the unveiling of the latest season.

I like grocery shopping though. I love going to markets, not just because I love food, but because I find I get into this optimum state for creativity. I feel relaxed, happy and inspired, surrounded by the green and red and purple and yellow. In london, I work at the farmers’ market in the weekend, lucky me.  The supermarket too. As in, no I don’t work there, but I like going there. I don’t really buy ready foods and such, but I like staring at the cans and packets, not really because I want to buy them, but because their packaging just fascinates me.

Was reading the CR Blog today, and they did this feature on the Sainsbury’s in-house design team.

Take a look at some of their old packaging, not sleek, but they’re fabulously retro. One of the comments made a good point though: “Of course this packaging didn’t work in the 90’s it was just old fashioned then not old school.” But this would be perfect now as a nostalgic resurgence don’t you think!  (look at the mondrian-esque peas and carrots!)


It’s much updated now, some a hit some a miss, but I particularly like the ‘basics’, communicates exactly what the products are– BASIC– though I can’t imagine people being enticed to buy them. On the other hand, Waitrose house brand products are pure eye candy. If I weren’t a student living on a budget I’d probably just shop there for the sake of collecting their packaging.



Supermarkets in Singapore don’t really pay that much attention to brand and packaging, a pity. From shop n save/most aunties/my mum’s pov, the price/quality is what matters, not all the faff.

And then she goes to reach for the beautifully-wrapped Japanese counterpart.

Just saying.


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