Trading my breakfast

Went to a flea market (Public Garden) with my sister today at Old School, Mt Sophia, hoping to snag some bargains. It was disappointing, nothing much worth getting, and those that were worth getting were not worth paying for. Know what I mean?

There was, however, a cute little stall that caught my attention, and not just because what’s up “for sale” was almost free. Messy Msxi had these really cute polaroids of breakfasts, shot documentary-style, a topographic view, with vintage placemats and colours and all. In exchange for one of her polaroid, you had to draw your ideal breakfast on her pre-designed template- a blank plate on a table setting.

I didn’t get to draw my breakfast unfortunately, there were too many people queueing to get their free polaroids, like true Singaporeans (the queue part, and the free-bargain-must-grab part). Not that the Singaporean in me didn’t feel a slight twang leaving without a breakfast photo, but we were about to leave then. I did get her namecard though, which is how I found her site, and I’m glad I did. I know I’m not an illustrator, but I admire good illustrations when I come across them, and hers have that light quirky touch which made them quite special.

And because I’m that kind of person who doesn’t like to be left hanging and thinking “I should have..” I illustrated some breakfasts I’ve had and shared before. Better late than never. If you can’t figure out what those scribbles are, or if they somehow look really delicious to you, click on the captions for recipes and more.

(with sweet soy sauce and sesame seeds, in case you were wondering about the brown scribble and beige dots.)
Now if only I can barter trade drawings for the actual food.
Actually, not a bad idea. I’ll be keeping this in mind for a possible guerilla art project. Now to find generous willing chefs/ hawkers/ housewives.

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