Getting famous

Far from it, but I wanted a bit of drama heh.

One day I’ll get there, hopefully, maybe. Actually I just hope I get to do something I really enjoy and earn enough to buy fish other than sardines (though sardines can be delicious) without living off my parents. That elusive “rich and famous” thing can wait.

Anyway, on to the main bit. I wish I started this blog thing earlier, then I could have shared about what I’m going to share about now, in the present tense instead of the past tense, but never mind.

Art Class, PLACE opening night

It was in 2008 that my batch graduated from the Raffles Junior College art programme, and we’ve all since dispersed to different parts of the world, studying many different things from economics to architecture, to yes of course, graphic design. But we still remain a tight bunch, and one day, a crazy idea came that we should get together and do art again, the same way we did for A Level coursework.

Hence, PLACE was born. (that very very faintly underlined word is a link to our page, click to see more!)

This collaborative art showcase took place over a span of 2 weeks from the 17 July 2011, but much hard work was done during the months before that securing grants from the National Arts Council and scrubbing floors. It turned out a huge success, with over 600 visitors, including surprise visits from MTV VJ Utt (swoon) and Emeritus Senior Minister Goh (!), and press coverage by The New Paper. (again, click on those not very obvious links to see more)

But above it all, I think the most fun part about this whole thing was the people. That nostalgic get-together-and-talk-about-one-another’s-artwork-and-which-laksa-is-the-real-katong-laksa and working-round-the-clock  bittersweet moments.

My work: Shu Han likes this

My work was about people, actually, about how we don’t communicate physically anymore. I think I (and so many other people) get lazy because it’s easier to do it on facebook. My work made me meet up with almost 50 friends/family, some of whom I haven’t seen or properly talked to in ages, especially since I left for London, so it was especially meaningful but at times painful for me. Painful, because I’ve been enjoying hiding in my hermit shell and watching youtube cooking videos.. I think I’m getting old. Well at least I’m getting famous? Kind of, a little little bit..

I’ve showcased my work in a page of its own, here. You can read more about the theme (Place) and a more eloquent description of my work there.


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