I’m a student currently doing her BA in graphic design at Central Saint Martins College, London. In the weekends, I work at the farmers’ market. I like little things, old things, some ugly things, and most spicy things.  I like going to markets and museum (gift shops), and staying in the kitchen. I like rules, but I don’t always like following them. I believe life is sad without design, ideas, the sun, and butter.

This blog started because carbonmade has an upload limit of 25 images, but I hope to make use of the fact that it’s a blog to become more involved in design and all things creative. Besides my work, I’ll be sharing the little bits of inspiration that I come across in my life, or sometimes in my brain.

Many of my favourite works combine my two passions: food (and being in touch with the source of our food) and design, the latest few being A Cook’s Calendar, and a very fun14-day Guerilla Campaign for Local Food. Work I’ve done for clients seem to be food-related too, see Phil’s Pesto & Pasta, and Shiok! Some of my inedible favourites include: A supplement to the English language, Beyond the exhibition and Fullstop (a supplement on punctuation for the Guardian).

I would love to hear from you, be it about chilli or design or  freelancing opportunities. You can download my cv and pdf portfolio here, and drop  me a comment on my blog or email me at shuhan90@gmail.com.

One last thing, all work shown here is a result of lots of  hard work, so no stealing please, i.e. © Shu Han Lee. 


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